Petra Buderus

Couple Counseling

Find the here and now of your relationship, live an emotional connection with your partner and find solutions together​

When shall we consult ? 



  • the clashes are repeated, grow, become rougher misunderstandings accumulate
  • communication hardens, is at an impasse, everyone's expectations diverge
  • external circumstances (illness, work stress, etc.) impact your relationship
  • the first thoughts of separation appear or are already very concrete.

Your goals



  • Not turn away from the situation and turn to each other
  • Focus on contact and friendship instead of struggling
  • Recognize and modify recurring patterns and patterns of the self and the couple

« Certainly there can be accidents in the couple but just because you have a flat tire one day doesn't mean you have to give up or throw the car away » 

​Jacques Dutronc

Fulfilling relationships


Blossoming, attentive, respectful and lasting couple relationships are possible.


While many believe that when things go wrong in a relationship, the problem is a lack of good conflict management, research in the field shows that happy couples are neither smarter, richer nor more mature on the psychological level.


They have developed over time a dynamic in their daily life together that prevents negative thoughts and feelings (which all couples and relationships have) from covering up positive feelings.


Because even happy couples argue sometimes, but loud discussions in and of themselves don't necessarily destroy the relationship.


The good news is that by nature every human being is able to communicate - the decisive factor is knowing how to activate and specifically extend this skill.

Prendre  rendez-vous en ligne


Book your appointment in some clics on doctena and receive your confirmation email 

In practice


  • I welcome you as a couple in my office, (15 Boulevard Royal, Luxembourg), or online
  • The consultation lasts 55 minutes
  • You can request a free telephone conversation (duration approx. 15 minutes) before booking a first appointment, please contact me for this by email
  • Consultations can take place in French, English and German. I understand Luxembourgish.
  • Any appointment not canceled by email  48 hours  before the appointment will be due without exception


Couple counseling is not paid for by the Caisse Nationale de Santé. Please check with your Complementary if and under what conditions they cover. (Note: I am not a psychotherapist but a psychologist (Master in Psychology) and coach)