Petra Buderus

HR consulting and business services

Advice and training towards a culture of organizational health, assessment of psycho-social risks and strengths. My approach, which is based on a wealth of experience in organizations and HR functions, is as pragmatic as it is structured and as clear as it is human​

Mental health at work


Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not just the absence of illness or ailment. (WHO)


Corporate health management is much more than offering fitness classes and it shouldn't stop there. A sustainable health culture that strengthens the company preventively , reduces the effects of psychosocial risks such as high absenteeism, burnout or conflicts and thus promotes productivity, satisfaction and employee loyalty as well as the attractiveness of the company as an employer. We'll help you achieve these goals by


  • Analyzing health indicators and psychosocial risks
  • Supporting you in the development of a health management strategy
  • Supporting you in the implementation of necessary measures and accompany this process with specific trainings and team or individual coaching

Executive coaching for managers and executives


When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves (Victor Frankl)


An interactive development process focused on specific objectives. My approach is collaborative, personalized and holistic and will provide you with the analyzes and behavioral information intended to deepen and establish your skills and your effectiveness as a leader and manager.


  • Understand your specific management resources
  • Develop your leadership and communication skills
  • Understand the risks and opportunities in the group dynamics of your teams
  • Improve your presentation skills

« Organizational development and staff development within clear and human frameworks are the Ying and Yang of balanced success for the organization and its employees. »


Optimizing HR 


Organizational development and staff development within clear and human frameworks are the Ying and Yang of balanced success for the organization and its employees.


That is why we always recommend combining individual development with organizational development analysis and strategy in order to achieve lasting results in a holistic HR strategy approach.


Our goal is to create clarity at all organizational levels to create a framework for change that is understandable to employees and helps prevent individual or organizational burnout in the process.


Examples of intervention:

  • Organizational health and mental health consultancy at work
  • Executive coaching
  • Team coaching



European Investment Bank, European Investment Fund, European Audit Court, Luxembourg Red Cross,

HMC Luxembourg League, La Baloise Luxembourg, University of Luxembourg, Deutsche Telekom

In practice


  • I work on site or outside for events or retreats

  • For coaching I can also receive your employees in my office 15 Boulevard Royal in Luxembourg

  • During a first interview, we define together the content and scope of the assignment you wish to entrust to me

  • You will then receive a specific offer

  • I am an approved training organization in Luxembourg

Team Coaching


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.

(African proverb)


Team coaching on all hierarchical levels, organization of team building, "away days" and strategic retreats


  • Development of common strategies
  • Accompanying changes
  • Understand and improve team dynamics
  • Conflict management

Management trainings 


Catalog or tailor-made training courses on the topics of leadership, corporate health management, communication and conflict management


Management trainings :


  • Resilience and Stress Management
  • Burnout prevention,
  • conflict management
  • Addictive behaviors such as alcoholism in the workplace
  • Tailor-made based on your request