Petra Buderus


Stress management, emotional exhaustion and burnout​.

Establish a self-caring posture towards yourself to heal and prevent future "burns"

Life coaching & counseling


Coaching and life coaching can accompany your development or healing process and help you regain self-confidence.


Reconnect with your resources and lay your life and further development in your own appreciative and resourceful hands.


For this we will work together towards understanding your patterns and triggers of functioning and thinking  stressful and difficult situations. I also support you if you are  experiencing burnout to regain serenity and  prepare for a return to work and social life.




Become resilient and solution-oriented in times of stress and conflicting situations at work.


Coaching in professional contexts is most often about achieving goals such as understanding and resolving difficult situations  at work.


The follow-up can be ad hoc or more regular. As a general rule, 2 to 6 sessions allow you to improve the situation and move towards the desired goal.


Coaching is a strictly confidential process controlled by yourselves.

Career Coaching


Adjust and boost your professional life? I can help you analyze your potential and develop career strategies.


Career coaching can be useful for taking stock of your acquired experiences, your skills and your potential in times of reorientation, when you have been promoted and / or envisage changing jobs.


For this, specific tools such as questionnaires and psychotechnical tests as well as questionnaires on your acquired skills and experiences can be used and integrated into our common work.

« People do not come to counseling to change their past but their future »

Milton H. Erickson​



My approach


My approach is structured and at the same time offers a lot of room for creative approaches and tools such as the following techniques (examples) :


  • Hypnosystemic approach
  • Embodiment / Body Therapy
  • Schema therapy
  • Coaching in nature
  • Relaxation
  • Psychotechnical tests and personality questionnaires
  • MBTI

Make an appointment 

Book your appointment in some clics on doctena and receive your confirmation email

In practice



  • I welcome you for individual or couple counseling (see couples therapy) in my office (15 Boulevard Royal, Luxembourg) or online.
  • Each  consultation lasts 55 minutes
  • You can request a free telephone conversation (duration approx. 15 minutes) before booking a first appointment, please contact me for this by email
  • Consultations can take place in French, English and German. I understand Luxembourgish.
  • For career advice flat rates including potential and skills analysis and other modules are available - please contact us for this by email
  • Any appointment not canceled by email  48 hours before the appointment, will be due without exception



Coaching is not covered by the National Health Fund (CNS) . Please check with your Complementary if and under what conditions they cover. (Note: I am not a psychotherapist but a psychologist (Master in Psychology) and coach)