Petra Buderus

Psychologist & Coach

Expert in stress management and resilience development techniques. Coaching and professional advice for you, your couple and your teams.​

Go ahead, body / mind balanced


Have you ever thought that you needed help to better understand what is going on in your life, your relationship, your career? Have you ever felt like it was time to make a change in your relationships with others and even better in the way you treat yourself?


Have you ever wondered why you make the same mistakes over and over again, meet the same kind of "difficult" people, why your mental and physical well-being does not improve despite being up to date with all well-being theories and approaches ?


In all these cases, welcome to my site, my practice, my trainings, workshops and newsletter Tillitforwellbeing !

Individuals & Couples


Are you considering life or career coaching  for finding better stress management skills and achieving your wellness goals? Is leading a career and a family life with children exhausting you? Does your couple need an external look to see what gets lost in your communication with each other, perhaps because you lost sight of each other on the way ...

For companies & organizations


Are you looking for an experienced HR professional and creative coach to support your teams and Managers to get off the beaten track and grow together towards more resilience? Do you want to implement a culture of mental health and well-being in your organization and manage psycho-social risks?

Coaching, Counseling  & Consulting​

Petra Buderus


Welcome to my site, my practice, my trainings, workshops, and newsletter Tillitforwellbeing !


My more than 25 years of professional experience gained as HR manager, in advising individuals, couples and companies as well as in facilitating trainings, will allow us to jointly develop tailor-made solutions for your request and your objectives.


I am a psychologist (Master), relaxation therapist and Senior coach, member of EMCC Luxembourg


My working languages are French, English, German and Luxembourgish

Life coaching 


Dealing with stress, emotional exhaustion and burnout - find a kind attitude towards yourself.

Couple counselling


Blossoming, attentive, respectful and lasting couple relationships are possible.

Business counseling 


Advice and training towards a culture of organizational health, assessment of psycho-social risks and strengths.